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Allkind Group acquires Schoolsupport Publishing and Labs

Recently, Allkind Group acquired Schoolsupport Publishing and Schoolsupport Labs. In addition to a large collection of reading books, Schoolsupport offers a diverse range of remedial teaching materials for language and mathematics education. The acquisition strengthens Allkind's offering for students with additional support needs.

"Like Allkind subsidiary Lexima, Schoolsupport specializes in developing supplementary teaching materials. Students in primary education who have additional care needs will benefit greatly from the pooling of resources," said Falk Beerten, CEO of the Allkind Group.

Schoolsupport's director and founder, Simon van der Sluijs, is satisfied with this acquisition: "Lexima and Schoolsupport complement each other nicely with their portfolios. And

Schoolsupport will continue to operate independently within the group."

The reading and remediation components of Schoolsupport, which provide important learning and reading needs for school and library customers, are in line with the portfolio and market positions of sister company Lexima, which is active in the Netherlands and Belgium. The two companies will strengthen each other towards customers and partners and will collaborate on the development of teacher and student-friendly teaching materials. Schoolsupport Labs will remain active as a specialized technology partner for educational organizations looking for online learning and reading environments.

Allkind is a group of Dutch and Belgian innovative companies that are committed to creating opportunities for people with support needs so that they can function fully in our society.

PRESS RELEASE: 25/10/2023

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