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Solutions for a visual challenge

At Sensotec, people are key. The story of our visually impaired customers is the basis for the solutions we provide.

Aids for the visual impaired

Solutions for the blind or low vision people.

Braille specialist

Hardware and software
for computer

and Internet access

Speaking and magnifying

Audiobook readers, read-aloud devices, magnification devices

How do we approach this?

Every conversation starts with finding out the deeper needs. This allows our professional low vision consultants to advise the customer in the best possible way.

What limitation in daily life does the client experience? What does the client want to be able to achieve? What are the client's physical and mental capabilities? 

Based on these questions, we identify which products offer the best possible solution.

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Our Solutions

At Sensotec, we think in terms of solutions.

We source the market for the highest quality devices, the best possible software and the most sustainable approach. 

Contact with our suppliers is always based on a long-term relationship. By working constructively with our suppliers, we always arrive at the strongest solutions. 

We are prefered distributor and trusted partner of Reinecker Vision, Kurzweil Education, Freedom Scientific, Low Vision International,... 


This allows our customers to make their purchasing decision with confidence.

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Sensotec is not only a distributor of visual aids. We also develop our own products and software. 

Product innovation is our second nature.

Every single product we develop is a strong example of innovation that really makes a difference in the lives of visually impaired people.

Some examples are Daisybox, Go-box, my Board Buddy, SensoReader app, One Step Reader-app.

In addition to developing our own products, we also design solutions for numerous business relations.

Where we operate


The Netherlands


Despite my blindness I can work as a guide at KMSKA thanks to Sensotec


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